Alix de Saint-Hilaire

Alix received her Bachelor of Art History and Archaeology from the University of Paris X, followed by an MBA in international commerce and the art market at ICART in Paris where she wrote a thesis on the parallel between ancient painting and contemporary art, while specializing in design.

During her studies, she completed several internships and joined Christie's Paris in the client management department, then Tajan in the Old Master Paintings and Drawings department. In 2010, Alix joined the auction house Piasa in Paris. After many years as head of the design department, Alix moved into the world of architecture and interior design, specializing in the retail sector.

Upon her arrival in Montreal in 2019, she joined an architectural firm as a design specialist and coordinator. However, wanting to reconnect with her first passion, the art market, she decided to join Heffel in August 2022.

Alix is fluent in French and English.