Sale date: Tuesday, June 15 2021
The following Lots were sold at the prices stated. Lot numbers which are omitted represent items which were withdrawn, passed or unsold as of the publication of this list. Prices include Buyer's Premium. Heffel Fine Art Auction House is not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.
Overall Vancouver Art Gallery Art Auction 2021 | Spring Forward sale total: $584,187.50 (including buyer's premium)
Lot Title / Artist

h001 Green Lake
Alexander, Vikky

h002 Untitled (Aquatic Scene)
Ashoona, Shuvinai

h003 Nuff Said!
Assu, Sonny

h004 Fisherman in Love
Bourscheid, Mike

h005 Sheltering Bottles (Burgundy)
Brown, Vanessa

h006 Singular Plural
Bull, Hank

h007 Untitled (diptych)
Bulpitt, Corey

h008 Hysteria #3
Burgers, Bobbie

h009 NDN Ironworker (Peter)
Claxton, Dana

h010 Killer Whale Mask
Dick, Beau

Lot Title / Artist

h011 Green Running Shoes
Falk, Agatha (Gathie)

h012 Auction Floor 2
Hirsch, Antonia

h013 Untitled, City of Birds II
Jadid, Hamidreza

h014 #2 River in Autumn
Knowles, Dorothy

h015 Internet
Lee, Khan

h016 L'Avenir est Long: A Conversation
Lemieux, Lyse

h017 034
Lin, Michael

h018 Two Lines / White Globes (Tao Hua Tan)
Mackenzie, Landon

h020 All that Works #1
Mazinani, Sanaz

h022 Same Old Story
Rashtian, Hamed

Lot Title / Artist

h023 Untitled
Rogen, Seth A.

h024 Buona Fortuna #1
Rubio, Jorge Mañes

h025 Vessel Group
Sawyer, Carol

h026 Excess Dispersion #0
Schmidt, Kevin

h027 Untitled
Sherman, Cindy

h028 A Lexicon of Gesture (7 images)
Siebens, Evann

h029 The Three Greats
Tsui, Howie

h030 Breathe
Wade, Jan

h031 Portrait of Gordon Smith
Zheng, Shengtian

h032 Pelly's Mission 2982
Zvonar, Elizabeth