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William Goodridge Roberts

William Goodridge Roberts

William Goodridge Roberts
Art d'après-guerre et contemporain Vente en salle

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William Goodridge Roberts

Still Life with Flowers, Fruit and Artist's Palette
oil on board 1959
32 x 48 pouces  81.3 x 121.9cm

Galerie Walter Klinkhoff Inc., Montreal
Private Collection, Vancouver

Galerie Walter Klinkhoff Inc., Montreal, Hommage à Goodridge Roberts, RCA (1904 - 1974), September 12 - 24, 1983, catalogue #19

This is a superb large-scale work from the still life part of Goodridge Roberts’s oeuvre. Roberts had studied still life painting with Max Weber in New York, and on his return to Montreal, he pursued the subject throughout his life. In every way this painting is a sensual pleasure, with its lush expressionist brush-strokes, opulent colour and richness of detail. Roberts places the viewer in his studio, with his own simple furniture, books, paintings and other objects casually yet artfully arranged, reflecting his personality and making the work like an extension of self-portraiture. Fruit and flowers, often featured in his still lifes, add the glow of life to the composition. The artist’s expert handling of space is in full bloom here – floor and background are simple colour planes, and he tips up the tabletop to better display the objects on it. Cast shadows are evidence of a bright light source and give greater spatial depth to the painting. Finally, the rich profusion of warm and cool hues completes the effulgent vitality of Still Life with Flowers, Fruit and Artist's Palette.

Estimation: 30,000 $ ~ 40,000 $ CAN

S'est vendu pour: 43,250.00 $ CAN (prime d'achat incluse)

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